1. July Galaxy Room Schedule & Featured Game


    Our featured game this month is Super Mario Bros.  Spend some time in the Galaxy Room practicing your skills and then compete against the Game Master on Saturday, June 29 at our Gaming Tournament.

    July Galaxy Room Schedule

    Tuesday, July 2       2-8pm
    Friday, July 5           3-6pm
    Saturday, July 6       10am-12pm
    Tuesday, July 9        3-8pm
    Friday, July 12         3-6pm
    Tuesday, July 16      1-5pm
    Friday, July 19         3-6pm
    Tuesday, July 23      1-4pm
    Friday, July 26         3-6pm - Miss Kristine’s Birthday!!!  (maybe we’ll do something special…hint hint)
    Saturday, July 30    Super Mario Tournament @ 2pm.  Play against the Game Master!